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4 Reasons Why The Shoprider Streamer Is The Best Electric Wheelchair Today.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your husband/wife or your parents, we know it’s not always easy to find the proper power chair for your/their needs.

You might be completely clueless about them don’t know and sometimes you feel like sellers want to make you pay the big price even though you need something else.

No need to feel overwhelmed, the only thing you have to make sure of when it’s time to buy an electric wheelchair is that it fits your budget, your needs and your requirements.

With that being said, In this article, I will reduce the clutter and focus only on one particular model: The Shoprider Streamer Electric Wheelchair.

The reason why I chose that model over the tons of other one we have in store, is quite simple: This is in my honest opinion the best all around electric wheelchair on the market right now. Let me explain why…

 1. The Price

At Only 1599$ (Shop Around, you’ll only get this price here I give you my word) not only Shoprider’s Streamer Sport is incredibly cheap but it will outshine electric wheelchairs sometimes a thousand dollars more on multiple levels.

At Reliving Mobility, this price includes Free Shipping, No Taxes and a 3 years warranty on frame. All in all, the value you’ll get from your buck when buying this chair will leave you with a smile on your face for years to come.

2. Simple To Operate

From the moment you receive the box to when you’re cruising on the road, you’ll be surprised by how simple the Streamer is to assemble, plug and operate.

Firstly, the chair comes fully assembled, the only thing you need to do is to unpack the box, make sure your chair is in perfect condition, plug the joystick into the arm rest, let it charge a few hours and then hop on it for a ride.

Joystick Controller

The Streamer joystick Controller is not only elegant and highly responsive but it’s also suitable for both right and left-handers. Above the Joystick, there are 4 buttons which are :

  • Top Button – On-Off Switch/Power.
  • Horn – Advise People Around
  • Left Button – Reduce Speed
  • Right Button – Increase Speed 


Brakes & Security

Equipped with self-activating electromagnetic brakes the Streamer stops automatically as soon as you slow down and reduce your speed.

Also, it is equipped with anti-tip wheels so next time you climb up a hill, or a curb no need to panic because these will prevent the chair from falling back and will save you from possible injuries.

The reason why it’s always good to have an electric wheelchair that’s easy to operate is that it doesn’t take that much time before we’re fully at ease with it. Sometimes 10-15 minutes suffices to be in control of what we do. Having more control, we’re able to fully enjoy our daily activities.

3. Compact Enough To Be Used Indoor.

With a height of 40” a width of 26” and a length of 33” the Shoprider Streamer is considered as an electric wheelchair compact enough to be suitable for indoor use. Because of it sharp turning radius of 17,7” it’ll easily go through door frames, corridors, hallways and will maneuver even in the tightest kitchen.

Another plus when it comes to indoor use, is the high back captain seat which provides premium comfort to it’s user.

This will allow you to sit for extended periods of time and enjoy your time doing things like watching TV, sowing, chatting with friends or perform chores around the house.

Another great thing about this chair and the fact that it’s compact is its ability to be stored in a corner to be charged.

But it isn’t over, here’s the cherry on top of the cake : the armrests. Because they are fully adjustable, they can be elevated for taller user or lowered for smaller ones. They can also be flipped either up or outwardly providing to the user full access to the seat from all sides. This is particularly helpful in the bathroom or in small areas where you a limited space for hoping out of the chair.

 4. Robust Enough For Outside 

The 10” puncture proof tires, the 300lbs weight capacity and the ability to ride for up to 10 miles on one charge are all qualities of the Streamer Sport that makes it a top choice for outdoor use as well.

The robust and big sized tires as well as the 3” ground clearance will allow you to ride in the park, on small gravel and on uneven surfaces without risking damaging the chair.

If you’re out and start running out of battery, you can bring your charger with you and plug it anywhere. You can go for a coffee, plug it in the wall and an hour later you should have enough battery to go on for a couple of hours more.

Bottom line is this: If you feel like you’ve been missing out on the calming energy of nature or the thrill of a music festival in your area because of your limited mobility then the Shoprider Streamer will allow you to experience it once again and as much as you want. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re still on the fence regarding your choice of electric wheelchair, then we strongly suggest considering the Streamer Sport by Shoprider as it is in our opinion the best all around power chair around. Check out the video below for an extended description of the chair.



Why The Streamer Sport Beats Competition 



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