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Shoprider Streamer (888WA) Power Wheelchair - Reliving Mobility

Shoprider Streamer (888WA) Power Wheelchair

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The Streamer Sport Powerchair by Shoprider is the ultimate combination of comfort and ease of use. It's compact design allows easy maneuverability within the smallest spaces be it indoor (corridors, doorways, hallways, store aisles) and outdoor (parks, festivals, curb, streets).

The Streamer Sport is fully adjustable and can adapt to users of all sizes. Armrests can be adjusted outwardly, elevated and can flip up for easy access to the seat.


  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • 10" puncture proof tires
  • Sharp Turning Radius
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • Equipped with anti-tip wheels preventing the chair from falling back.


  • Overall Weight (with 26 ah battery pack) : 160 lbs
  • Weight Without Batteries : 137.7 lbs
  • Battery Pack Weight : 22.5 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity : 300 lbs


  • Overall Length : 33"
  • Overall Width : 26" 
  • Overall Height : 40"
  • Seat Width : 19"
  • Seat Depth : 16", 19", 20",21"
  • Seat Back Height : 19", 20",21"
  • Seat To Floor Height : 24"
  • Rear Wheel Size : 10" 
  • Anti-Tip Caster Size : 6"


  • Top Speed : 5 mph
  • Driving Range (Per Charge) : 10 miles
  • Turning Radius : 25.5"
  • Ground Clearance : 3" 
  • Max Incline : 6 degrees
  • Drive Type : Rear Wheeled
  • Battery Type & Capacity : U1 / 26 ah
  • Battery Charge : Off-Board 24V 5A
  • Weight Of Heaviest Piece : 74 lbs
  • Joystick Option : Right & Left
  • Legrest Options : Footplate/Elevating/Quad-Release

Other Specs:

  • Foldable :  Yes 
  • Disassembles : No
  • Armrests Options : Height Adjustable, Flip Back
  • Seating Option : Reclining/High-Back/Captain
  • Tire Type : Air Filled 

 FAQ About The Streamer Electric Wheelchair

Q: How will the chair be delivered and when will I receive it ?

A : The Shoprider Streamer Powerchair is delivered straight to your door through our curbside delivery service. If you live in a residence or apartment, we can manage to bring the unit inside your building. The day before the delivery, we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number and let you know the exact date and time of the day the scooter will arrive. 

Delivery time is variable and dependant on multiple factors. If you wish to get an expedited delivery (1-2 days) please mention it with your order (extra-fees may apply) or select the Pay Pal Express Option at checkout (3-5 days + no fees). Otherwise delivery time can take up to 3 weeks for certain items.

 Q: I see the joystick displayed on the left & right side ? I'm left handed, do you have a left only version ?

A: Yes, fortunately, the joystick can be easily installed on both arms to fit your particular need.

Q: How long does it takes for the battery to be fully charged ?

A: Overnight charging is usually the optimal way to avoid loss of power during the day. However, the general time for a full charge is 8 hours.

Q: How far can you go on one charge ?

A: 10 Miles

Q: Will I be able to assemble the chair by myself ?

A : The chair comes fully assembled in the box which makes it easier for everyone. The only things that needs to be added are the armrests which requires no tools to install and the battery cable that needs to be plugged to the armrest once they are installed. Once this is done you'll be able to charge the battery and start rolling.

Q: What kind of warranty is offered with the Streamer Chair ? 

A: All Shoprider products including the Streamer Powerchair comes with a full 3 years warranty on frame (platform, fork, seat posts, frame welds), 1 year on Motor/Brakes/transaxle, 1 year on electronics & 6 Months on battery. It is to note that warranty are only applicable to the original owner.

Q: Why should I buy the Streamer Sport from Reliving Mobility ?

A: Reliving Mobility knows that you're putting substantial money on the line and that you wish to keep your scooter for a long time. That's why we offer after sale services such as in-home repairs and consultations. We've built a network around the U.S and are able to connect you with a mobility scooter expert in your area whenever you need one. In short, we'll be taking care of you.

Additionally, we have trained experts qualified in Home Medical Equipments ready to answer your questions everyday of the week from 9am-5pm. We provide personalised customer service and seek to solve your specific problems.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
flowjoy f. flowjoy
My wheel chair is great

The chair weight is 160 pounds.I weight 150 pounds. I had no problem with this chair. I bought mine used. I truly believe that if a person weight a lot more then the chair, then it may fall apart. When buying this product make sure it is for your sides. If you a heavy person, then you may need to buy a larger wheelchair, or a double wide.

flowjoy f. flowjoy
my wheel chair is great

l found the Streamer Jazzy scooter to be wonderful. The chair weight is 160 pounds.I weight 150 pounds. I had no problem with this chair. I bought mine used. I truly believe that if a person weight a lot more then the chair, then it may fall apart. When buying this product make sure it is for your sides. If you a heavy person, then you may need to buy a larger wheelchair, or a double wide.

Shirley S. Shirley
Easy to Steer and Maneuver

I really love this chair due to the fact that it is a rear-wheel drive, so it's easier to steer. the first chair I had was front-wheel drive, and I kept bumping into things. I was also able to get a larger seat and seat back for my streamer sport, so it's pretty comfortable with the extra seat depth and width (love the high seat back, too).. I will say that it doesn't take bumps well, so i'm not pleased with it's shocks (if it has any at all) ... I do feel every bump and have to sit on a pillow, as the seat is pretty hard, too. I guess I should invest in a cushion of some kind. I also love that this power chair has never failed me, when everyone else I know who owns a different power chair has had problems with theirs. also, the foot plate is a little short, so I do pump my toes into things sometimes (small problem). I've had the streamer sport for over 2 years now, and i'm glad i decided on it instead of one of the more popular brands. oh ... i'm 5' 5-1/2" tall and my weight fluctuates between 120 & 135 pounds.

Cherry C. Cherry
smooth running and quiet

This was purchased for my now deceased father. He used it for only about 6 mos. However in his assisted living there were two others who had this same model and that's why we bought it. He was 6'2" and the base height is adjustable so it was an excellent fit for him. Instructions are easy to follow. We had it set up and charging in about 15 minutes. During the time we used it, there was never an electrical problem or power problems of any type. It has a very quiet running motor and variable joystick speed.There is no type of compartment on the back of the chair but we hung his portable oxy bottle strap over the head rest and he was able to go where ever he wanted. Has a very tight turning radius. We are very pleased.

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 120 reviews.

★ Reviews

Let customers speak for us

120 reviews

The scooter was very easy to assemble. We are so pleased with this product. We would highly recommend it to our friends.

Got my life back

Took my initial outing on my EV Rider yesterday. It was so liberating! I was out and about for over 3 hours and still had lots of battery life left. Comfortable and compact, easy to operate. I'm 5'2" and 130# and it's the perfect compact size for me. Not for a bigger person though.


Golden Tech Avenger (GA541D) Heavy-Duty 4 Wheels Scooter

Shop rider

Met and exceeded my expectations.

Easy To Assemble

Very east to assemble (less than 1 minute--- I am a 68 year old woman and i do it entirely by myself! The chair is small and comfortable. My mother is 100 and feels she has NEW FREEDOM with this new chair. I, too, feel like there is new freedom. She has adapted very well with the joy stick,, which is very sensitive. This chair can move in a circle on a dime! I would highly recommend this as a chair that can be used in a facility to get around, but also very easy to load in the car and go to another destination!