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About Us

At RELIVINGMOBILITY.COM, our goal is to provide people and companies across Canada and the U.S the widest range of high quality wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs and home mobility products at the best prices known to man.

OUR MISSION is to give our customers the opportunity to access the ressources they need in the easiest and most effective way possible. We understand how exhausting and complex of a task buying the right mobility equipment for you can be but we are here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision ! 

We are dedicated to : 

  • Offering you FREE SHIPPING on ALL  orders OVER 50$.
  • Giving you access to the broadest range of mobility products available on the market.
  • Giving you access to first-class one-on-one customer service with one of our trained experts.
  • Offering the lowest prices known to man ! If you find a better deal we give you a full refund guarantee ! Just e-mail us right away at (Certain conditions apply)
  • Provide a LIFE-LONG customer service on your have a question 20 years from now ? No problem we'll be here !



Hi I'm Gabriel, founder of RELIVINGMOBILITY.COM when I was in primary school, I used to be THE clown of the classroom. Often apart from others or at the principals office because of my ‘’oh so funny” yet highly questionable behaviors, I was constantly making fun of others, mocking them and highlighting their shortcomings as soon as I noticed them.

Most of the times, these jokes where harmless except once or twice where I crossed the line...

One of the kids at school, William, had a congenital condition that led to serious mobility issues. Every moment of his life, he had to use a wheelchair and all sorts of devices to move himself through life.

Every day, he had to be followed by someone to take care of him and had to take his classes alone with a teacher, unable to socialize with others and make friends.At lunch, most of the kids didn’t want to go eat with him because of his condition… That didn’t look like a lot of fun, that I can tell you !

One afternoon during the break, I came up to him with a couple of my friends and to make them laugh, I said something I thought was really funny but really, it wasn’t.Nonetheless, what ensued turned out to be a blessingly transformative experience. Not only for me but for both of us...


For the rest of the entire school year, the principal gave me the responsibility to be his personal carer. Each morning at 7 a.m, I had to be on his porch and drive him to school into his classroom. At noon, I had to heat his lunch, help him eat and spend time with him. During the afternoon breaks I had to hang out with him. When school was done, I had to bring him back home. From a human stand-point, this experience, has been for me one of the most profound in my entire life. I learned how to empathize with him and to realize how resilient, courageous and strong he was to be able to put in so much effort on a thing that I didn’t even had to think about AKA moving around.

Despite his condition and the endless challenges that came with it, he refused to feel sorry for himself and instead held a constant positive attitude and winner mind-set. Hanging out with William turned out to be a blessing for me and he became such a big source of inspiration and model to me that I decided to dedicate my life to the business of mobility products.

Here we are now helping people around Canada and the U.S living their lives to the fullest, THANK YOU WILLIAM! 

Got a question ? We're here to answer them all ! Give us ring : (610) 241-7736.

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180 reviews

Bike came bent wheels bent fender and bent frame. It is unusable. Company only offered $300.00 refund. Bad company. Very disappointed and unsatisfied. Tried giving no stars but won’t let me

Tricycle kit!

Arrived with slight damage to packing but all was well inside. Unit itself is extremely strongly built. A couple of problems fitting the derailieur, threaded hanger was in AF thread not the standard metric of most changer units!
Good delivery to here in the UK!

Very Good Trike

Put this kit on a Day 6 21 speed. I had to cut off derailer tab on bike frame to install, but bike will never be a 2 wheeler again. Also on small front sprocket chain rides on bike frame. No big deal because small sprocket not used very often. Going from 26 to 20" wheels only cost me one gear. This is probably the best kit on the market. Overall very happy. Thanks

Fantastic product and quick shipping

product is well designed and well engineered shipping and customer service is 2nd to none

Excellent Trike conversion Kit

Found this a kit year ago on your site in Brazil. So happy to find it available and shipping now from inside the US. Your patented differential and disc brakes make it second to none. Good Design. Good Deal.