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Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Scooter, 350 lb Capacity - Reliving Mobility

Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Scooter, 350 lb Capacity

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With a 350 lb weight capacity and a top speed of 5 mph the Sprinter XL 4 Wheel Scooter By Shoprider is a perfect balance between sturdiness, durability and speed. If you're looking for a robust, fast and powerful scooter that can drive you from the beginning to the end of the day (25 miles range per battery) anywhere you want care-free, this scooter is for you.

The Sprinter XL 4 also comes with a deluxe captain seat, chrome bumper and 12" wheels providing you with premium comfort during long rides. The Sprinter XL4 is highly maneuverable and comes with a front headlight package for increased visibility in the dark. Comes with a free basket. Get yours now!


  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • Front chrome bumper for extra stylishness
  • Slide & swivel deluxe captain seat for added comfort
  • Front headlight package for increased visibility in the dark
  • 12" wheels for added safety
  • Available in Burgundy
  • Battery can run for up to 25 miles allowing you to go the extra mile care-free
  • Free Basket
  • Free Shipping


  • Total Weight (w/ batteries, basket, seat) : 181 lbs.
  • Weight of Heaviest Part (Rear chassis w/ drive train) : 108 lbs.
  • Suggested User Weight (on level surface) : 350 lbs.


  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) : 52" x 23" x 30-42"


  • Battery Capacity : 12V 33-40 Ah x 2
  • Maximum Speed : 5 mph
  • Range (Per charge w/ standard 26 Ah battery) : 25 Miles
  • Turning Radius : 54 Inches
  • Output power of motor : 1
  • Max. Climbing Angle/Safe Climbing Angle : 14 (8)

Other Specs:

  • Charger Type : Off Board, 5A


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Really Pleased

Let me begin by saying that I did NOT want to succomb to a scooter. I am relatively young and it was a very difficult hurdle to go over for me. The first time I had to take my scooter out in public was filled dread and worry - for about the first 5 minutes.

We had weighed out several possible choices for scooters and decided on the Shoprider Sprinter for its power and positive reviews on other sites - we bought it through Amazon for the lower price and reliable delivery as well as the fact that Amazon doesn't charge until your item is shipping (we'd been burned for a large amount by another company that pulled the money and after finding that they hadn't shipped the scooter we'd ordered from them we learned that they didn't even have it in stock - despite telling us they did when we ordered! That was a 5 week process of trying to get a refund and we were not going to go through it again!). It arrived in time for an event that we were looking very forward to - a large local Renaissance Festival - and we were thrilled that it got here.

Our local Renaissance Festival is held outdoors on very rough terrain - rocks, roots, hills, dirt, etc. - and I had a great deal of concern about whether any scooter would handle what it would be put through there. I needn't have worried at all! This scooter takes it all on with ease and minor adjustments to the speed when going uphill. The adjustable tiller makes it easy on my shoulders and hands and resting my feet on the front "fenders" makes the ride comfortable for my hips as well. I was wondering how I would manage large radius turns but they have been no problem outdoors even with large groups of people around. Within 5 minutes I was well acclimated to the scooter and caught a few people laughing as I'd cruise around quickly, easily navigating through the areas of the Festival.

We've taken the scooter out twice now and the battery life has been phenomenal! At least 7 hours of driving nearly the entire time and I've only use...

So good though I miss some of my older shop

So far, so good, though I miss some of my older shop rider features, like the easy fold tiller, this tiller is a bit stiff to adjust, and being taller, doesn't fold down as flatly as my old one for loading in vehicle. This one is comfortable to ride and much like my previous one otherwise. We'll see how it holds up. The previous one held up under many years of extensive use. I wish the FRONT BASKET WEREN'T PLASTIC THOUGH, I GUESS ALL THE NEW ONES ARE. Had a good deal of trouble with the flaky delivery company CEVA, but an Amazon customer service agent fixed that for me. He was great and kept me in the loop through the whole process of getting them to respond and finally send the item. Thanks

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 180 reviews.

★ Reviews

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180 reviews

Bike came bent wheels bent fender and bent frame. It is unusable. Company only offered $300.00 refund. Bad company. Very disappointed and unsatisfied. Tried giving no stars but won’t let me

Tricycle kit!

Arrived with slight damage to packing but all was well inside. Unit itself is extremely strongly built. A couple of problems fitting the derailieur, threaded hanger was in AF thread not the standard metric of most changer units!
Good delivery to here in the UK!

Very Good Trike

Put this kit on a Day 6 21 speed. I had to cut off derailer tab on bike frame to install, but bike will never be a 2 wheeler again. Also on small front sprocket chain rides on bike frame. No big deal because small sprocket not used very often. Going from 26 to 20" wheels only cost me one gear. This is probably the best kit on the market. Overall very happy. Thanks

Fantastic product and quick shipping

product is well designed and well engineered shipping and customer service is 2nd to none

Excellent Trike conversion Kit

Found this a kit year ago on your site in Brazil. So happy to find it available and shipping now from inside the US. Your patented differential and disc brakes make it second to none. Good Design. Good Deal.