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EV Rider Move X Compact 4 Wheels Rollator Walker - Reliving Mobility

EV Rider Move X Compact 4 Wheels Rollator Walker

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If you need just a little help to move about, we recommend the Move X Rollator. This compact rollator is actually considered one of the best choices for those looking for a walker for senior parents, patients or patrons.

These walkers with seats are designed to roll over gravel, asphalt, grass, carpet or wooden floors and are commonly used in the home or when visiting shopping malls, parks and events. Each EV Rider Rollator Walker is foldable and equipped with a bell, braking system, storage compartment and adjustable arms in order to deliver a style that is convenient and easy to use. Check out the video section below for a full video description of the product !   



  • Folds and unfolds in less then 15 seconds
  • Compact design making it easy to navigate through narrow hallways
  • A charm to maneuver on any surface
  • Equipped with locking brakes and deluxe seat allowing you to take quick rests
  • Ultra-lightweight (16 lbs) frame require only 1 arm to lift it
  • Excellent brakes, curb lifter and edge guards for more control and security
  • Stands securely folded for easy storage
  • Extremely compact when folded for transportation.
  • 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks provide excellent driving comfort.
  • Free Storage Bag Compartiment perfect for shopping
  • Free Shipping


Rear wheels distance

24" / 60 cms 

Front and rear wheel Distance

18" / 46 cms

Front wheels distance

21" / 53,3 cms

Handle height

30.5"– 35.25" / 77,5 - 89,5 cms

Seat height

22.8 inches / 58 cms

Seat width

15" / 38 cms

Handles distance

19" / 47 cms

Front and rear wheel size


Weight capacity

250 pounds / 114kg

Folded size

25" x 11" x 15"
64 x 28 x 39 cms


16 lbs



 Owners Manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ricardo M. R.M. Ricardo M.

This snazzy roller is just stupendous for airports and travel, perfectly foldable to fit in an overhead compartment; also ideal for use in city life, public transportation and various terrains: cobble stone, gravel, grass, inclines. And it only weighs 16 pounds which an easily pick up with a single hand. I just wish it came in an easy to carry shoulder bag.

G. T. Adams G.T.A. G. T. A.
A Winner

Bought this for my wife after a rollator I'd bough at Costco was damaged by the airlines and cruise ship personnel. It folds up easily and compactly My wife finds it very easy to navigate even in the narrow hallways of a cruise ship and elevators. One minor issue is the lower straps that hold it together when it's folded. The straps have a grommet that slips over a pin. If the strap doesn't have enough tension it will fall off the pin. I'm going to try to come up with a more robust way to secure the strap that doesn't rely on tension. I bought a canvas cargo bag to hold the rollator when we decide to check it as baggage.

Dee J. D.J. Dee J.
Great maneuverability

Easy to use and fold once you practice a bit. Seat is not very comfortable and back rest too low to lean against. I still like it a lot. Great maneuverability.

Anonymous A. Anonymous
Just what I needed

" To have a little more independence means a lot. I have been recovering from a leg injury and needed a rollator that would let me get out of the house and drive myself. This one from EV Rider allows me to do that. I have been using another one I borrowed for 7 months but it is an old dinosaur and is so bulky and cumbersome it is hard for me to handle. This new one is the bomb and for traveling it's wonderful. It's well made and seems pretty sturdy. I got the blue one and I love it. I added a folding drink holder and now it's perfect. At first I thought the wheels were aluminum but they are plastic colored to look like metal. It is a little pricey but the ability to fold it makes this purchase a great one. "

Anonymous A. Anonymous
price is great for the type of Rollator you get

Very compact and light, price is great for the type of Rollator you get. very well made and very stabled. Comes with a ping bell, a bag and a very nice comfortable seat, not to use as a wheelchair though but awesome to rest while waiting at the restaurant for your table. My mom has one we got for her to travel and the best part is that we were able to place in the overhead compartment of the plane since the size fits the luggage size requirement. She loves the stability and feels great because the Rollator does not look like any Rollator, it is a very elegant design.

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 121 reviews.

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121 reviews
Overpriced and disappointed

The chair was not comfortable for the patient. One leg came off. Had to get an Allen wrench to fix it. Wheel base is not wide enough to get the back legs of a Sarah Steady to fit underneath it. Perhaps it would work for an ambulatory patient but not for a paraplegic who needs to be moved into it by some other method.


The scooter was very easy to assemble. We are so pleased with this product. We would highly recommend it to our friends.

Got my life back

Took my initial outing on my EV Rider yesterday. It was so liberating! I was out and about for over 3 hours and still had lots of battery life left. Comfortable and compact, easy to operate. I'm 5'2" and 130# and it's the perfect compact size for me. Not for a bigger person though.


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Met and exceeded my expectations.