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Shoprider Hero (SL73N) Portable 3 Wheels Scooter

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The Shoprider Hero is recommended for everyday tasks and it is one of the most economical models we offer. It's exceptionally lightweight, it's outfitted with a quick connect battery pack and it's easy to pack up. Also equipped with a front basket, the Shoprider Hero is typically used for getting around shopping malls or grocery stores.

The tires are puncture-proof, the seat is conveniently adjustable and you can charge the scooter's battery when on the go. A cushioned floor mat and an upgraded front basket have been added to complete the design and make it one that adequately meets your mobility needs.


  • 360° swivel seat for convenience and ease
  • Keyed ignition security
  • Patented curved tiller for additional legroom without sacrificing control
  • Quick Connect battery pack
  • Charge battery pack at any convenient location on/off the scooter
  • Front Basket included
  • Puncture proof tires
  • Cushioned floor mat
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Free Shipping


  • Total Weight (w/ batteries, basket, seat) : 75 lbs.
  • Weight of Heaviest Part (Rear chassis w/ drive train) : 40 lbs.
  • Suggested User Weight (on level surface) : 250 lbs.


  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) : 39" x 22" x 35"


  • Battery Capacity : 12V – 10Ah x 2
  • Maximum Speed : 3.8 mph
  • Range4 (Per charge w/ standard 26 Ah battery) : 8 Miles
  • Turning Radius : 33 Inches
  • Output power of motor : 0.45
  • Max. Climbing Angle/Safe Climbing Angle : 10 (6)

Other Specs:

  • Charger Type : Off Board, 2A


  • 3 Years on Frame to Original Owner Only (platform, fork, seat posts, frame welds)
  • 1 Year on Motor/Brakes/transaxle
  • 1 Year On Electronics
  • 6 Months on Battery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephen K. S.K. Stephen K.
Shop rider

Met and exceeded my expectations.

DDay47 D. DDay47
Way better than expected

This scooter is so easy, to assemble, take apart, lift, fit, recharge, turn in small spaces and operate. It is perfect for shopping, airports and covering long distances. If you want a race scooter this might not be for you but any riding in populated areas it works just fine. It also arrived in record time!

oiltank o. oiltank
Great Scooter

This is a great scooter. The only thing is that could use a full horsepower motor rather than a fraction of that. There is an upgrade which I have to use my foot to give it a push for about 10 foot. Of course I weigh over 250 lbs. You can manuver it in tight places and I like it.

Anonymous A. Anonymous

My wife gave me the scooter as a gift and it was the best gift ever. We are both retired and like to travel but I have had a lot of surgery on my legs, which makes it difficult to walk. We have taken two trips since getting the scooter and I was able to go with her every where. It is easy to charge and it holds a charge for over four hours. I love it and would recommend to any one that has trouble walking.

Anonymous A. Anonymous
Freedom is here

This is the best thing to have happened to me. Instead of considerable pain and discomfort when I am shopping or sightseeing, I am now able to enjoy myself and not have to worry about finding a place to sit and recuperate. My scooter is so light weight that my husband doesn't have to struggle with lifting a bulky scooter in and out of the trunk of our vehicle. I feel like I have found freedom and I am able to do what I want to do and see what I want to see. I am so thankful for my Shoprider scooter.

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 123 reviews.

★ Reviews

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123 reviews
Shop rider

Met and exceeded my expectations.

Turns on a dime

This LiteRider model is just slightly smaller than the usual RoundAbout, making it a little easier to get around inside our older home with narrower halls and doorways. It does take some practice to get used to the control joystick, but that is to be expected. The LiteRider is easy to disassemble and place in the car trunk so it can be used for shopping. Keep in mind that the person needing to use it is not likely to be able to do this himself so a friend or spouse needs to be able to do this. Since I am not Superwoman, we have a 2nd scooter in the car at all times so I don't have to repeatedly disassemble the LiteRider and carry it downstairs to the car and back up again repeatedly. That's a savings on my back and strictly personal preference. It's a great little battery operated chair

GP 162 Literider Envy

So far I'm extremely happy with this chair. It gives me the freedom to get out and about again. I read another review that said it turns on a dime and gives back nine cents change. That is so true! Just for example, you can pull forward into an elevator and turn around on the spot so you can also go out forward instead of backing out. I call it "my freedom rider". Love it!

Easy To Assemble

Very east to assemble (less than 1 minute--- I am a 68 year old woman and i do it entirely by myself! The chair is small and comfortable. My mother is 100 and feels she has NEW FREEDOM with this new chair. I, too, feel like there is new freedom. She has adapted very well with the joy stick,, which is very sensitive. This chair can move in a circle on a dime! I would highly recommend this as a chair that can be used in a facility to get around, but also very easy to load in the car and go to another destination!

Did not realize the tires

Did not realize the tires needed air
no back pouch on seat
otherwise great