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Luxury Class Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat from Bio Bidet - Reliving Mobility

Luxury Class Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat from Bio Bidet

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Pamper yourself with a gentle, warm aerated stream. A convenient remote control allows you to personalize several functions including water temperature, pressure, and even offers a gentle cycling massage feature.
Follow cleansing with a touch of a button for an adjustable warm air-dry while enjoying the comfort of a gently heated seat. Both features include adjustable temperatures.

BB-1000 is equipped with state-of-the-art "smart power saving function" that calculates the most frequently used hours of the day for maximum savings with a powerful deodorizer that eliminates up to 90% of embarrassing odor.

Its patented 1 pocket 3 nozzles allow maximum hygiene with a soothing pulsating massage.
Equipped with the most advanced "Capacitance" seat sensor and "Self Diagnose," BB-1000 is truly the most advanced and complete bidet seat in the industry.


Cleaning Features

  • Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system
  • Oscillating
  • Wide cleaning
  • Pulsating
  • Massage cleaning
  • Patented vortex water stream
  • Satisfying posterior cleaning
  • Soft feminine cleaning
  • Bubble infusion
  • Nozzle self-clean
  • Free Shipping

Convenient Features

  • Wireless remote controls
  • Easy nozzle replacement
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Powerful deodorizer
  • Intelligent body sensor
  • Adjustable warm air dry
  • Slow closing
  • Quick release for easy cleaning
  • Automatic power save
  • 3 year limited warranty


Cleaning Features

Convenient Features

 How to install a Bio Bidet 

Customer Reviews

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Dayton58 D. Dayton58
Post Surgery Savior

After multi-level spine fusion surgery, I was told my wife could not bend or twist for three months. With intense stare, the doctor said, "That means she won't be able to wipe herself and you will have to help with that." Well, I love my wife, and I've wiped enough baby and grandbaby bottoms, and have no problem with this, but I knew there was no way my wife would ever willingly allow me to do that. I started extensive research on bidets, and decided on the BioBidet BB-1000. After watching the online video, installation was a snap. I personally tested all the functions (my first experience with a bidet) and was truly amazed at how perfection of design and function, and couldn't wait to tell my wife at the hospital what the doctor said, and what she was about to come home to! Someone commented that the experience was like "A spa for your bottom!" I'm always skeptical, and can tell you, this is exactly that! My wife is very happy, and I am proud to own this wonderful personal hygiene device, worth every penny! I would recommend this item and model without reservation, and will probably be buying more in the future.

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 125 reviews.

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125 reviews

Zip’r Roo 4-Wheel Scooter

Well designed product

Product works great. Really like the fold up features. It is compact for traveling. Maybe not possible but lighter would be better. Would have been nice if there is a storage bag for the walker. This would allow walker to be more easily transported.

Excellent Scooter

This is the second Stand N Ride scooter I have dealt with. I like it. My son likes to use it with the seat. I prefer to stand. I have arthritis in my hips and cannot walk more than a short distance. This scooter lets me get around- on the lawn, up the dirt road to the garden, up the driveway. It lets me stay active. The scooter is powerful, and potentially quite fast. It bogs down in sandy soil and takes some skill and balance to ride standing. - My son uses his in the hallways of a school, with the folding seat. It does very well. The purchase was straightforward, delivery was speedy. The support was quick re questions I had. I would get it again!

Great chair

Better than I expected,what a difference from a 40 lb chair to 24.

x Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX (GB148D)

recieved today in excellent shape thank you