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Shoprider Echo Portable Folding Mobility Scooter

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With it's ability to fold on itself in less than 30 sec, the NEW Echo Folding (FS777) Scooter by Shoprider It's ability to fold beautifully in less then 30 seconds was designed for the "on the go" type of person. With it's new compact, portable folding design, it'll fit perfectly on the backseat or trunk of any vehicle and will be easily brought on the plane.

It's sharp turning radius allows ease of movement through tight spaces without compromising stability : It'll go through doorways, corridors, elevators, aisles, curbs, garden paths, museums, restaurants or any type of alleys with shocking smoothness. Plus, it is equipped with full front and rear suspension ! Scroll down below for a full video description of the Echo Portable Folding Scooter !


  • 200lb weight capacity (on even surfaces)
  • Folds in 4 easy steps (less than 30 sec)
  • Equipped with puncture proof tires
  • Height adjustable seat & arms
  • 18” wide high back recline executive seat
  • Full suspension
  • Free Shipping


  • Weight Capacity : 200 lbs.
  • Weight of Heaviest Part (Rear chassis w/ drive train) : 59 lbs.
  • Total Weight ( batteries, basket, seat) : 59 lbs.


  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) : 39.5" x 17.5" x 35"
  • Folded Dimensions (L x W x H) : 19" x 17.5" x 29"
  • Seat To Floor Height : 20"
  • Seat To Floor Plate : 16"
  • Front Wheel Size : 6"
  • Rear Wheel Size : 8"


  • Battery Capacity : 12V – 10Ah x 2
  • Top Speed : 3.75 mph
  • Range (Per charge w/ standard 26 Ah battery) : 8.7-10 Miles
  • Turning Radius : 36 Inches
  • Max. Climbing Angle/Safe Climbing Angle : 10 (6)
  • Output power of motor : 0.45

Other Specs:

  • Charger Type : Off Board, 2A

FAQ About Shoprider's Echo Folding Scooter

Q: Does This Scooter Drives Backwards ? 

A: Yes, and it makes that little beeping sound while it does.

Q: How will the scooter be delivered and when will I receive it ?

A : The scooter is delivered straight to your door through our curbside delivery service. If you live in a residence or apartment, we can manage to bring the unit inside your building. The day before the delivery, we will send you an e-mail with your tracking number and let you know the exact date and time of the day at which the scooter will arrive. 

Delivery time is variable and dependant on multiple factors. If you wish to get an expedited delivery (1-2 days) please mention it with your order (extra-fees may apply) or select the Pay Pal Express Option at checkout (3-5 days + no fees). Otherwise delivery time can take up to 3 weeks for certain items.

Q: Do I need tools to fold the scooter ? I have weak hands and arms will I be able to put the scooter in the car by myself ? 

A : No tools is required in order to fold this scooter. Have a look at the video below if you want to see how it folds. Weak hands will not be a problem to fold the scooter, however if you feel like lifting up 60 lbs might be too much for you, you might want to consider asking someone to lift it for you or buying a lightweight disassembling scooter such as the Echo 3 instead.

Q : Can it use a lithium battery ? Can it go on a plane ? 

A: Yes, it's a gel cell battery and our customers fly with it all the times. This type of battery is accepted with most airlines. 

Q: What's the life of the battery and how much a new one costs ? 

A: The battery life is usually 18 Months depending on how you're using it. A new battery pack costs 70$. Just call us and we'll be able to set you up for a new one.

Q: What kind of warranty is offered with the Echo Folding scooter ? 

A: All Shoprider products including this one comes with a full 3 years warranty on frame (platform, fork, seat posts, frame welds), 1 year on Motor/Brakes/transaxle, 1 year on electronics & 6 Months on battery. It is to note that warranty are only applicable to the original owner. 

Q: Does the scooter comes with FREE Accessories ? 

A: At purchase, this scooter comes with a free clamping umbrella & cup holder. You can also get access to Free Gifts & Accessories of your choice by calling us.

Q: Why Should I buy the Echo Folding from Reliving Mobility ?

A: Reliving Mobility knows that you're putting substantial money on the line and that you wish to keep your scooter for years to come. That's why we offer after sale services such as in-home repairs and consultations. We've built a network around the U.S and are able to connect you with a mobility scooter expert in your area whenever you need one. In short, we'll be taking care of you.

Additionally, we have trained experts qualified in Home Medical Equipments ready to answer your questions everyday of the week from 9am-5pm. We provide personalised customer service and seek to solve your specific problems.



Intro to the Echo Folding
How To Fold The Echo (Step by Step)
How To Unfold The Echo 

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous A. Anonymous
I have 2 Shoprider Echo 3 Scooters as well and I like them both !

It was a little long getting use to the Echo Folding as it has a different handling and no armrests or basket. Found it too heavy to load by hand when folded found it to heavy to load by hand when folded so I'm putting it in the car half folded and once it's in there I finish folding it. This one takes up less space in the car and allows me to bring more stuff up less room for other stuff on a trip. I have 2 shopriders Echo 3 scooters and like them as well. I can take them apart when loading it and but the cart takes up much more room. Bottom line really like both scooters for the simplicity and lightness of both.

Tina, Florida T.F. Tina, F.
Good For The Price

This is a good scooter for the price. I purchased this scooter for my husband and 2 weeks after delivery - the spring broke that goes for the forward and reverse. It was not hard to find parts for this scooter. I would recommend this to people that like to travel. The battery lasts a long time

bunkey b. bunkey
I like your scooter and the prices fine

it provides me with more mobility igo allover with the scooter its light weight and its compact easy to maneuver

Pat, Louisiana P.L. Pat, L.
Love Scooter

Just received the scooter and my husband loves it. With his COPD we have been limited to what we are able to do. This weekend we went to a mall in our area. My husband had his small portable oxygen machine just in case he would have need it. There was enough room to rest the machine on the floor of the scooter. Never once during our shopping did he need oxygen. I found it very easy to remove battery and seat and then drop the front bar in order to place in the back on my SUV. It is light enough for me to pick up without help. I am so happy that I found this scooter at such a great price.

Janice H. J.H. Janice H.
4 wheel scooter

This is great. It's larger than we thought so now we are checking into a carrier for the car.

We score 4.8 out of 5 based on 123 reviews.

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123 reviews
Shop rider

Met and exceeded my expectations.

Turns on a dime

This LiteRider model is just slightly smaller than the usual RoundAbout, making it a little easier to get around inside our older home with narrower halls and doorways. It does take some practice to get used to the control joystick, but that is to be expected. The LiteRider is easy to disassemble and place in the car trunk so it can be used for shopping. Keep in mind that the person needing to use it is not likely to be able to do this himself so a friend or spouse needs to be able to do this. Since I am not Superwoman, we have a 2nd scooter in the car at all times so I don't have to repeatedly disassemble the LiteRider and carry it downstairs to the car and back up again repeatedly. That's a savings on my back and strictly personal preference. It's a great little battery operated chair

GP 162 Literider Envy

So far I'm extremely happy with this chair. It gives me the freedom to get out and about again. I read another review that said it turns on a dime and gives back nine cents change. That is so true! Just for example, you can pull forward into an elevator and turn around on the spot so you can also go out forward instead of backing out. I call it "my freedom rider". Love it!

Easy To Assemble

Very east to assemble (less than 1 minute--- I am a 68 year old woman and i do it entirely by myself! The chair is small and comfortable. My mother is 100 and feels she has NEW FREEDOM with this new chair. I, too, feel like there is new freedom. She has adapted very well with the joy stick,, which is very sensitive. This chair can move in a circle on a dime! I would highly recommend this as a chair that can be used in a facility to get around, but also very easy to load in the car and go to another destination!

Did not realize the tires

Did not realize the tires needed air
no back pouch on seat
otherwise great