Portable Scooter - EV Rider TranSport 4 Wheels Foldable Scooter

EV Rider TranSport 4 Wheels Foldable Scooter

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Not all portable scooters are created equal when it comes to versatility and durability. Featuring a stylishly slim seated base and complete with a sharp turning radius, the EV Rider Transport Foldable Scooter is just what you need to get you where you're going.

However, the one thing that makes this lightweight folding mobility scooter a popular pick is that you can fold it up when not in use. That's right. Simply fold the EV Rider and store it in the trunk, closet or garage. The folding scooter is fairly lightweight, incredibly easy to operate and designed to increase mobility and enhance your life.

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  • A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter for convenient storage
  • Usable Indoor and Outdoor
  • Total weight of 60 lbs with battery and 45lbs with lithium battery
  • Low center of gravity for maximum stability
  • Easy to lug around at home, hotels or airports
  • Can be stowed upright in any closet, corner or trunks of cars
  • Powerful 270 Watt 4-pole motor
  • Articulated front end adds to greater stability 
  • Seal Gel Batteries makes this scooter airline safe
  • 10 to 15 mile range per charge 
  • Can be used by multiple members of the family
  • Stylish and Modern design looks good to the eyes
  • Sharp Turning Radius allows easy maneuvering through narrow spaces
  • Free Shipping


  • Weight with Std. 12V12Ah Batteries : 70 lbs
  • Weight with Opt. 112V11.5Ah Li Ion Batteries : 60 lbs
  • Weight without Batteries : 53 lbs
  • Load Capacity : 250 lbs (115 kgs)


  • Overall Length : 36"
  • Overall Width : 21"
  • Overall Height (at Maximum Tiller Height) : 37 ½"
  • Overall Height - at Minimum Tiller Height : 31"
  • Legroom - Floorboard Length x Width : 19" x 13"
  • Deck Height - Floorboard to Floor : 6.5"
  • Folded Overall Length : 31"
  • Folded Overall Width : 19"
  • Folded Overall Height : 18"
  • Seat - Width & Depth & Height : 16" x 13½" x 13½"
  • Seat - Cushion Thickness : 1"
  • Seat Height - Cushion to Deck : 14"
  • Seat Height - Cushion to Floor : 20.5"
  • Outside Diameter Rear : 8"
  • Tire Width Rear : 2"
  • Outside Diameter Front : 7"
  • Tire Width Front : 1.6"
  • OEM Spec Rear : 200 x 50
  • OEM Spec Front : 180/40


  • Ground Clearance : 2.4"
  • Turning Radius : 32.3"
  • Rim Type Rear : Cast Aluminum
  • Rim Type Front : ABS Plastic
  • Battery Type & Power : Std. Two 12V12Ah SLA, Optional 24V11.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack
  • Brake System : Electromagnetic Brake
  • Climbing Angle - Maximum Recommended : 6 degrees
  • Controller : S-Druive 45 Amp
  • *Driving Range : 10 - 15 miles
  • Motor & Drive Location : 4-pole, 270 Watt, Rear-Wheel Drive
  • *Speed - Maximum : 4 mph
  • Throttle Control Type : Digital Wig-Wag
  • Anti-Tipper Wheels-Rear : Standard

Other Specs:

  • Tire Type : Solid rubber front and rear
  • Seat Type : Folding backrest, ABS plastic with high desity foam cushion
  • Charger Type : 2 Amp, 110/240 Volt SLA Charger, 2.5Amp,110/240 Volt,Li-ION Charger
  • Charging Time : 4 - 6 hours
  • Tiller Type : Height Adjustable
  • Colors : Metallic Paradise, Blue with Metallic, Silver Accents, Plum



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Elizabeth E. Elizabeth
    Awesome Folding Scooter

    Love it. Folds in 1 2 3 steps, super easy and lighter than most folding scooters out there, Love its stability, it is a very well made scooter and very easy to fold and carry in the trunk of my car. I took my scooter to Europe, and traveling was really easy and fun this time, I did not stay behind, I had my TranSport scooter! Will recommend over any other folding scooter out there.

    Ana Cardoso-Rivera A.C. Ana C.

    The Transport is a favorite of mine! Seeing this scooter at Disney World and the Miami International Airport convinced me to get one, too. Love it, love it, love it. Highly recommend this company! Thank you, EV Rider

    Al Bacas A.B. Al B.
    Very Compact and Opens easily

    It is compact, easy to open and easy to close. It's a little heavy 70+lbs to lift up in the car with the standard batteries. I will probably get the Lithium batteries which will reduce the weight by 15 lbs or so.

    Al A. Al
    Very compact and opens easily

    It is compact, easy to open and easy to close. It's a little heavy 70+lbs to lift up in the car with the standard batteries. I will probably get the Lithium batteries which will reduce the weight by 15 lbs or so.

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    123 reviews
    Shop rider

    Met and exceeded my expectations.

    Turns on a dime

    This LiteRider model is just slightly smaller than the usual RoundAbout, making it a little easier to get around inside our older home with narrower halls and doorways. It does take some practice to get used to the control joystick, but that is to be expected. The LiteRider is easy to disassemble and place in the car trunk so it can be used for shopping. Keep in mind that the person needing to use it is not likely to be able to do this himself so a friend or spouse needs to be able to do this. Since I am not Superwoman, we have a 2nd scooter in the car at all times so I don't have to repeatedly disassemble the LiteRider and carry it downstairs to the car and back up again repeatedly. That's a savings on my back and strictly personal preference. It's a great little battery operated chair

    GP 162 Literider Envy

    So far I'm extremely happy with this chair. It gives me the freedom to get out and about again. I read another review that said it turns on a dime and gives back nine cents change. That is so true! Just for example, you can pull forward into an elevator and turn around on the spot so you can also go out forward instead of backing out. I call it "my freedom rider". Love it!

    Easy To Assemble

    Very east to assemble (less than 1 minute--- I am a 68 year old woman and i do it entirely by myself! The chair is small and comfortable. My mother is 100 and feels she has NEW FREEDOM with this new chair. I, too, feel like there is new freedom. She has adapted very well with the joy stick,, which is very sensitive. This chair can move in a circle on a dime! I would highly recommend this as a chair that can be used in a facility to get around, but also very easy to load in the car and go to another destination!

    Did not realize the tires

    Did not realize the tires needed air
    no back pouch on seat
    otherwise great