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The 5 Best Mobility Scooters for People Struggling with Obesity



Do you have a weight-related disability that is making daily life difficult ?

Do you have a loved one that you can’t stand to see struggling to move around? Do you want to help them find more independence and freedom?

If you or your loved one has a limited range of mobility and are struggling to just get out to run basic errands, a mobility scooter can do wonders for improving your quality of life.

Luckily there are plenty of durable, high-quality handicap mobility scooter options on the market today.

This is a unique type of product that people don’t buy often, so it’s a great idea to do a little bit of research before you buy. That’s why we’ve developed this handy guide to help you shop for the best scooter for your needs.

We’ve also offered some recommendations of some of our favorite scooters on the market today.  

How to Choose a Scooter When You're Overweight

There are several features you should look out for when looking for handicap mobility scooters for obese person.  

Range Per Charge. First, you want to make sure that the scooter will go the distance without running out of battery life (especially considering the fact that it’ll carry a substantial charge on it). All of the scooters on our list below have at least an 18-mile range.

It’s also a good idea to base your choice on how much a person will be using their scooter on a daily or weekly basis.

Weight Capacity. Should the person using the scooter’s weight exceeds that of the scooter, or if it’s even close, you should try to find a scooter with a higher weight capacity. For example, it wouldn’t be a good idea to opt for a scooter with a 300 lbs weight capacity if you’re 290 lbs. The reason being, as soon as you’ll climb up a hill or drive up a curb, the scooter will lack power.

You will also want to bear in mind that more weight gain is possible, especially if they are in a situation that keeps them particularly immobile like if they are facing a hospital visit or have an acute injury that limits their mobility even more.

Lastly, remember that more weight will affect speed and performance.

Seat Type. The seat needs to be comfortable for the user so get measurements even though it might seem embarrassing, it’s more so to get something that doesn’t fit or is otherwise uncomfortable.

You can find seats up to 32“-wide or “double-wide” seats. You may also want to look for a high-back support seat or “captain’s seat” for optimal comfort if the rider is on the taller side.

Motor Type / Strength. Most scooters these days are made with brushless motors, which are more durable and efficient than the old-type brush motors.

Tires And Wheels. Your wheels should be heavy duty and be made with a solid material. Anti-tip, wider wheels are ideal for maneuvering, especially if you plan to use your scooter outdoors a lot.

If you are primarily using the scooter indoors, you’ll need something with 3 wheels. You can think of 4-wheeled scooters as “4-wheel drive” – that is, better for a variety of terrain types.

 1. EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Heavy-Duty 4 Wheels Scooter 

The Royale 4 Heavy-Duty Scooter is a great choice for those of you who need a little help getting around and have a lot of things to get done in a day, or just want to be outside in the fresh air more often.

This scooter has a modern, sleek design and is super comfortable. It has a load capacity of 450-lbs, which is definitely in the upper range for its class, as well as a broad, bench-style seat for maximum comfort. It’s sturdy enough to take outdoors but still light enough to maneuver.

With a climbing angle of 12 degrees, a range of 32 miles per charge, and a fully independent suspension system, the EV Rider Royal is a perfect vehicle for all your outdoor adventures.


2. Golden Tech Avenger (GA541D) Heavy-Duty 4 Wheels Scooter 

If you want to get out to visit friends or run errands more often, but your mobility is limited due to obesity-related health problems, the Golden Tech Avenger Heavy-Duty scooter could be the perfect choice for overall comfort and power.

This model is durable, rugged and well-designed, which has kept it on the best buy list for several consecutive years.

The Golden Tech Avenger features adjustable arms, allowing you to easily get on and off, plus the 4-wheel drive feature lets you venture over various terrain types with ease. Plus, you can carry all of your important items in the front basket.

With an 18-mile range and a weight capacity of 500-lbs, this is a sweet ride that will get you out and about in no time flat.

There’s only one drawback: you might love taking it out so much, you won’t want to go home!


3. Shoprider Sprinter XL 4 Wheels (889B-4) Scooter

If you’re looking for something a little low key, the Shoprider Sprinter XL goes quite the distance without the bulk. The front headlights and basket will make your daily neighborhood cruise a breeze.

With a top speed of 5 mph, this might be a nice choice for those who aren’t feeling the need for speed, but are looking for something sturdy and safe. But don’t let the slow speed fool you---it’s still powerful and runs for 25 miles per battery charge.

This is a super comfortable ride with a full captain seat, which is quite spacious and comfortable, especially for taller riders.

This is a stylish and comfortable little number – it looks so good that it will make anyone want to take it for a spin, even your friends and relatives !


4. Shoprider Enduro 3 PLUS Wheels Deluxe (777XLSBN) Scooter 

If you’re looking for a little luxury, look no further than the Shoprider Enduro 3PLUS. This beautiful scooter can hold up to 500 lbs. and can keep on going for up to 39 miles per charge, which is quite long compared to most of the scooters on the market.

If you like to go adventuring or maybe have a pup that needs a little more in the way of walking, this is a nice opportunity to just keep going without worrying about the batteries running out mid-trip.

The craftsmanship on this machine is really second-to-none and the design is smart as well: the swivel seat and broad floor area leaves space for you to hop on and off with ease.

This scooter is really a breeze to operate, and maneuvers quite well on flat ground. With full suspension and a super comfortable seat, you can feel free to take this scooter anywhere in safety and comfort.


5. E Wheels (EW-36) 3 Wheel High-Power Mobility Scooter

The E Wheels EW-36 is a very high-power scooter that can get to up to 18 mph---this is faster than any other scooter on that list. What’s more, it can achieve up to a 45-mile range for each round of charging which is one of the longest ranges we’ve ever seen in a scooter.

The 500-watt brushless electric motor runs smooth and goes the distance, and large wheels add to versatility when getting around. Plus, the easy-reverse feature means that you don’t have to worry about backing out of tight places.

The armrest and storage basket add comfort and versatility to this already sturdy and powerful scooter.

This is a super fun, practical vehicle that can get you in and out of even the smallest spaces. And get this: the EW-36 even comes with an anti-theft alarm, a keyed ignition and as well as secure glove and storage areas, so you can leave it outside without worry.

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180 reviews

Bike came bent wheels bent fender and bent frame. It is unusable. Company only offered $300.00 refund. Bad company. Very disappointed and unsatisfied. Tried giving no stars but won’t let me

Tricycle kit!

Arrived with slight damage to packing but all was well inside. Unit itself is extremely strongly built. A couple of problems fitting the derailieur, threaded hanger was in AF thread not the standard metric of most changer units!
Good delivery to here in the UK!

Very Good Trike

Put this kit on a Day 6 21 speed. I had to cut off derailer tab on bike frame to install, but bike will never be a 2 wheeler again. Also on small front sprocket chain rides on bike frame. No big deal because small sprocket not used very often. Going from 26 to 20" wheels only cost me one gear. This is probably the best kit on the market. Overall very happy. Thanks

Fantastic product and quick shipping

product is well designed and well engineered shipping and customer service is 2nd to none

Excellent Trike conversion Kit

Found this a kit year ago on your site in Brazil. So happy to find it available and shipping now from inside the US. Your patented differential and disc brakes make it second to none. Good Design. Good Deal.